Versteen Wood“雕像” / 手工打磨和手工拋光/ - 190×70×0 mm - 2256 g - (1)

Versteen Wood“雕像” / 手工打磨和手工拋光/ - 190×70×0 mm - 2256 g - (1)

Beautiful piece of hand-polished petrified wood

One can clearly see the wood grain in this piece.

This is a highly refined specimen with high aesthetic value

All photographs were taken with flash.

On photo 2 you will see a fault line. It is not that the piece of petrified wood
is broken, but this is the structure of the piece of petrified wood.


Height: 190 mm / 19 cm
Width: 70 mm / 7 cm

Weight: 2256 grams / 2 Kilo 256 grams

It will be sent by registered post with track & trace via PostNL.


Petrified wood is a type of fossil: it consists of fossil wood, in which all the organic materials have been replaced with minerals (mostly silicates, such as quartz), while retaining the structure of the wood. The process of petrification takes place under the ground, when a tree becomes buried under sediment, and can last for millions of years. Groundwater that seeps slowly through the soil, deposits minerals where the lignin and cellulose rot away. If the depositing process goes just as fast as the rotting process, the shape of the cells are retained.

The smallest details can be preserved for eternity. Petrified tree rings and various tissues can be traced to a microscopic level. Petrified wood has a hardness of 7 on the scale of Mohs, the same as quartz.

Petrified wood is found in a wide range of colours by variation in the deposits of minerals like manganese, iron and copper. Quartz is colourless, but when iron is added for example, crystals with a red or yellow colour are formed, as becomes evident from below list:

Carbon - black
Cobalt - green / blue
Chrome - green / blue
Copper - green / blue
Iron oxides - red, brown, yellow
Manganese - pink/orange
Manganese oxides - black
Silica - white, grey

主要物質/ 隕石名稱
Versteen Wood“雕像” /
礦物成分/ 隕石種類
190×70×0 mm
2256 g