Gerolamo Induno (1825 - 1890) - Scena di genere

Gerolamo Induno (1825 - 1890) - Scena di genere
鉛筆素描 - Hand signed - non datato

Gerolamo Induno (Milan, 1825 – 1890), "Scena di genere", pencil on paper, drawing size 29.5 x 21 cm, including frame 39.7 x 31.5 cm.

The design is signed at the base of the stone on which the character sits at the bottom left.

It is a beautiful drawing depicting a typical scene of popular flavour, so loved by Italian Romanticism and historical Verismo in the nineteenth century. It depicts a group of villagers among whom we recognise a seer who reads the hand of a young passer-by, some children playing, a resting walker and some peasants. The background consists of a ruined building surrounded by vegetation.
Induno is one of the greatest Lombard artists of the nineteenth century, a famous figure very present in museums, a participant in the Risorgimento and a true protagonist of the painting of the heart in the nineteenth century and beyond.

The drawing is in good condition, but there are some deteriorations: for the most part small abrasions caused by the attack of the insect known as silverfish, which feeds on antique paper leaving small surface abrasions and in some cases actual holes. Here we see, especially near the edge, slight abrasions that are visible in the photograph because they are clearer, and also two small holes in the bottom right.
The frame is vintage and has some slight damage and detachments to the plaster frieze, both on the top left and bottom left and, as well as typical abrasions due to natural aging.
For this reason the frame is to be considered as a gift with the purchase of the drawing.

With certificate of authenticity and lawful origin.

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Gerolamo Induno (1825 - 1890)
Scena di genere
non datato
Hand signed